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The gold standard for pasta in foodservice.

Costa Pasta is known throughout the foodservice industry for making the highest quality domestic pasta available.

Our quality commitment begins with our ingredients and doesn’t end until our products reach the user. All Costa Pasta is made with 100% Enriched Durum Semolina from Montana (the highest quality hard wheat flour available) which produces durable, golden color pasta in every case. In addition, Costa Pasta is slow dried for maximum strength and reduced cracking. Every case of Costa Pasta is inspected and packed by hand before it receives the Costa seal of quality.

Legendary Service.

We help foodservice operators stay competitive. Costa Pasta’s customer service is legendary for offering the highest level of service in the industry. From fast order processing to recipe ideas and on-site troubleshooting – our dedicated staff responds quickly to your needs.

Pure farm to table pasta.

Our pasta begins with the purest ingredient – freshly milled high protein durum wheat semolina – and encompasses over 70 classic and innovative shapes, and almost any option you can imagine. If you don’t see exactly what you need, just ask.

The proof is in the pasta.

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    Classic, nut-like flavor
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    Superior “al dente” firmness
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    No cloudiness when cooking (starch stays in the pasta as it should; water is clear)
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    Free of specs or discolored particles
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    Consistent performance
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    Uniform cook time
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    Maintains texture and bite when par-cooked, stored & reheated
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    Packaged in heat-sealed bags for freshness & convenience

A family tradition of quality.

In the early 1900s, the Costa family immigrated from Corleone, Sicily, to America. They soon settled in California and opened a Sicilian deli in the Little Italy section of Los Angeles. Among the many foods that the Costa family offered, their handmade pasta quickly became their best-selling item. Soon, local restaurant owners were demanding Costa pasta. Costa Macaroni Manufacturing Company was born in 1923.

Today, Pasta Montana continues in the rich tradition of producing the Costa brand in its state-of-the-art facility. Located in Great Falls, Montana, Pasta Montana is in the center of Montana’s Golden Triangle, an area known for producing exceptional high protein durum wheat.

Bring Montana to the Table

We could tell you how our pasta comes head to head with the top Italian imports. But all you need to do is taste it.